Exponential Marketing Consulting assist you craft a clear picture of your business and direction. With a well-defined strategy, it is a tool to take your business on its path for success. Having a clearer picture of your current strategic position, we can offer services into specific areas that ranges from business plan, to the improvement of your operations and examination of new market opportunities.


Business Planning:

We develop a comprehensive and dynamic business plan that provides guidance for your leadership team and inspires confidence among your business stakeholders. It also provides the necessary foundation for capital formation as well as preparing for future exit through sale, merger, acquisition, public listing or other options.


Strategic Facilitation:

We assist your team through dynamic opportunities to brainstorm, envision and plan for the future. We provide professional strategic facilitation which is customized to your needs through extensive workshop pre-planning, participant communication, agenda setting and benchmarking that ensures a dynamic experience with positive real-world outcomes.


Process & System Assessment:

We examine the business in light of your growth goals, brand promise, customer experience and workplace culture. This structured process reviews workplace factors, business processes, information systems and the methodologies you use to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency.


Market Opportunities Analysis:

We assist you by taking a fresh look and insights to identify new opportunities to pursue growth. We also examine competitive positioning, market economics, cost of market entry and models for growth.


Turnaround & Restructuring:

It is a noted fact that most turnaround consultants primarily focus on creditor-induced restructuring and liquidation planning. Our focus foremost, is on what can make the business successful. Increased sales, bigger deals and better customers are better tools to solve financial or credit crises and return the business to good health.

We help companies’ spot problems and create solutions that insiders and stakeholders might not identify easily. We approach a problem with an objective and dispassionate view of the prevailing circumstance

We provide solutions as:

  • Diagnostic analysis
  • Option assessment
  • Decision support
  • Strategy support and planning

Exponential Marketing Consulting provides senior-level turnaround management services to companies in transition or distress. We assist companies in planning and executing a recovery strategy or serving in an interim executive capacity by focusing on ensuring viability, maximizing value and executing effectively.

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