Exponential Marketing Consulting assists your sales team with the necessary tools they need to succeed in the marketplace. We will help you to understand where you are in the marketplace, using our Growth Assessment tools that will give you a better understanding of what is working, what isn’t and the reasons. In probing deep, we focus on the following areas; lead generation strategies, sales process review, customer relationship management system, sales team assessment, sales coaching and training.


Lead Generation:


Exponential Marketing assists you to assess the effectiveness of your lead generation, including those that came through marketing efforts, your sales team as well as the processes used to target, identify and qualify leads.


Sales Process Review:


A well-defined sales process invariably improves the effectiveness of your sales team. Your sales process should clearly define sales strategy, target buyer personas and the tools to be used to qualify and convert leads into customers.


Sales Training & Coaching:


With our sales training and coaching model, we look at your team both on the individual level, and as a cohesive group whose shared strengths can contribute to greater sales success. We focus on relationship development, communication skills, prospect engagement and asking for the order.


Customer Relationship Management:


We will assist you to develop an effective customer relationship solution that is essential to achieving lasting sales results. We will also ensure that the deployed technology of CRM supports the processes and people at the heart of your sales and marketing efforts.


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