Market Assessment

We conduct market assessment not only at the beginning of the engagement but also at a series of points during the implementation of the plan.

Some of the questions we help clients find the answers; Is the company fully exploiting the market opportunity? Are there new products you be developing? What are they? How much will it cost? And how long will it take? How are my sales force doing? Are there any export opportunities for my products? What are my competitors doing? We help you scan these concerns. We facilitate the client entrance to the market by giving them decision support with qualified access to real market scenario. Actionable services in this regard include:

  •  Market feasibility
  •  Channel/value chain assessment
  •  Consumer insights
  •  Market dynamics assessment
  •  Need/gap analysis
  •  Segmentation analysis

We have the experience, methods and tools to accurately assess the opportunity that exist and formulate strategy to exploit them effectively and efficiently.

Marketing plan & strategy development

Exponential Marketing Consulting uses its experience, expertise, analysis and planning techniques to help clients develop, introduce and implement effective marketing strategies to drive the growth of their businesses. To grow your business consistently overtime, you will need a well- developed strategic plan that:

  • Define your value proposition
  • Segment your market and identify the target segment where you can best deliver value
  • Develop a differentiated positioning for sustainable competitive advantage, and
  • Determine the best combination of products, channels and communications for your target market segments.

Typical project activity would include; business plans, marketing plans, marketing due diligence, brand strategy development, competitive benchmarking, product reviews and communication plans. We also help clients develop strategic plans that focus on the following:

  •  Positioning strategy
  •  Pricing strategy
  •  Targeting strategy
  •  Market entry strategy
  •  Promotion strategy

Market research

We conduct a wide range of marketing research, both desk and field using diverse methods that includes; telephone and face-to-face interviews, postal and email questionnaires, focus groups, observation and mystery shopping. Our research assignments include the following:

  • Market entry studies: Population profiling to understand the potential consumer demand drivers and market potential to aid companies in penetrating new markets
  • Consumer satisfaction studies: In depth studies to understand the consumer satisfaction and potential gaps in the market.
  • Market profiling studies: To understand the potential segmentation in the market and their demands to develop markets.
  • Social research studies: To understand the various social and demographic factors affecting development
  • Usage and attitude studies: To understand the usage and consumption patterns of the consumer in various industry segments.
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Analysis and reports

Strategic brand development

Brand is more than your logo, name or slogan. It is the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product or service. It’s what you stand for, a promise you make, and a personality you convey.

Exponential Marketing Consulting will help you to use your brand to stand out from your competitors. We will help, using your brand to bring your competitive position and value proposition to life. Strategically using your brand consistently and repeatedly to tell your prospects and customers why they should buy from you.

Customer retainship strategy

Existing customers have the potential to grow your business exponentially as they continue to stay with you, buy wider range of your products and recommend your products to a wider audience. Apparently, most companies spend more resources looking for new customers. A sound customer retention strategy depends on understanding what your customers need now and in the future, and how they want it delivered. We will help clients in harnessing this opportunity.

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