Outsourced Marketing

grid1Exponential Marketing Consulting can provide interim marketing support and becoming your marketing manager or entire marketing department, depending on how much help your company needs. It is very cost-effective to outsource your core and non-core marketing activities because you are not carrying long term fixed overhead cost, you only pay for what you need.

We will focus on your sales and marketing activities, leaving you with time to concentrate on your core functions in your company. We will maximize your existing capabilities and identifying opportunities for growth while we substitute or supplement your in-house marketing and sales efforts seamlessly.

  • We will set marketing goals and objectives for your company
  • We will develop strategy
  • We will define and systematically execute tasks
  • We will conduct periodic reviews to ensure that the achieved outcomes is in line with strategic goals of the organization
  • We will support your company with our classical marketing experience
  • We will support your company with our multi-channel marketing and sales experience
  • We will work as an extension of your marketing teams, thereby ensuring a productive and cost- effective output
  • We will share the sales risk and rewards with pay for performance compensation model
Best Proposition for your Business:

Outsource your sales and marketing activities to us and gain from the following;

  • Reduce and control your cost by saving on long-term labour cost
  • Improve your business performance as we substitute or supplement your in-house marketing and sales efforts seamlessly
  • New business capabilities with changed business models and innovation
  • Improved speed to market
  • Focused on improved and higher revenue
  • Improved quality of service and flexibility
  • ‘Sought-after’ customer service
Effective Strategy Working Out

Let the business growth experts implement and nurture the growth strategy for your company while you focus on what you do best.

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