How we do things

Exponential Marketing Consulting aims at specific challenges to solve and unleashing the opportunities that exist therein. In essence, turning problems into opportunities. Considering that our clients do not have unlimited budget, our approach entails; we listen, gain insight, scan, advise and action.



Listening to our clients is of a critical importance. We listen to all the stakeholders that are relevant to the challenges, through which Exponential Marketing Consulting understands the challenges, its scope, its timeline in which the problem needs to be solved and the management expectations of the outcome.



We gain insight into the company and its challenges by conducting a comprehensive outlook in the areas of market opportunity, competition, financial operations, product development plans, marketing & sales operations. This is done, in other to eliminate unnecessary waste of client’s resources.



Once the necessary insights have been gained and all the required information scanned. Using our tools and model, we identify possible solutions. An evaluation of each possible option is made for each potential solution for recommendation to the client.



After a thorough diagnosis and evaluation of the challenges, scenario and potential solution alternatives, we will recommend the best option that practically addresses the client’s objectives.



We will provide ‘hands-on’ expertise to achieve our client’s defined objectives. We have experience in successfully implementing the needed business initiatives and can assist our clients in implementing the action plan, both strategic and tactical.


  • Our pricing method is flexible. A choice of fixed price for a short-term project or a monthly retainer for ongoing support over a longer period of time.
  • The main focus is on providing value for money and a tangible outcome for our clients.
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